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Engineering Services

Imhof Tanktechnik Zertifikate Special emphasis in our engineering work is given to the interests and necessities of our customers, taking into account the applicable rules of environmental protection and all relevant rules for safe installation work and operation of tanks.

Our customer can rely on comprehensive and qualified services, starting with careful collection of tank and product data, and ending with supply and installation of perfect and durable products.

Knowing the technical necessities and risks of hydrocarbon tank operation we offer qualified and safe products and we are open to invest time and money to eliminate any of the existing side issues.

  • Maximum reduction of emissions
  • Rainwater drainage of inner tank walls for tanks storing refined ("white") storage products
  • Cleaning of tank walls from paraffin wax
  • Optimum overall design of sealing systems taking into accaunt the necessities of fire fighting and max. use of storage volume
  • Use of materials of construction with lowest corrosion and highest life expectance

Of course we carry out the necessary evaluations of emissions based on evaluation methods worldwide accepted.

We have substantially pushed forward the state of the art for reduction of emissions from storage tanks as our customers confirmed.

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