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Guide Pole Seals and Roof Leg Seals

Metallic Guide Pole Seal IM-PRS

IMHOF Tanktechnik - IM-PRS, hochwirksanme metallische Peilrohrabdichtungen Research by the American Petroleum Institute, API, which forms the base of the evaluation of emission from floating roof tanks, has shown that emission from standard guide and measurement poles in floating roof tanks is in the range of 2000 to 8000 Kg/year and guide pole, depending on the type of product and the wind velocity.

The use of our metallic guide pole seal IM-PRS reduces the emission around the guide pole by more than 90%.

However the above reduction of emission relates only to emission between the guide pole and the guide pole well. For a complete reduction of emission, including emission from the inside of the guide pole, we offer our system system HELICOAT®. The system covers the complete guide pole from top to bottom and is used in combination with the metallic guide pole seal IM-PRS.

Your investment for the metallic guide pole seal Type IM-PRS is paid back by the reduction of product losses within less than three years.

IHOF Tanktechnik - IM-PRS + IM-RDS Metallic Guide Pole Seal IM-PRS with IMHOF Roof Legs The installation of the guide pole seal is possible at any time, even when the tank is in service!

HELICOAT® - the Flexible Cover for complete sealing of the Guide Pole.

Imhof_Tanktechnik_Peilrohr-u_Dachstuetzenabdichtung_HELICOAT Due to the fact that guide and measurement poles need to be perforated from top to bottom in order to guarantee accurate level measurement, substantial quantities of emission emerge from the inside of the guide pole.

In order to eliminate this source of emission, IMHOF has developed the flexible guide pole cover HELICOAT®.

Apart from reducing emission in and around the guide pole, the guide pole cover also avoids the penetration of rainwater in the area of the guide pole. Combining the flexible guide pole cover HELICOAT®, together with the metallic guide pole seal IM-PRS, will reduce emission around the guide pole by more than 99%.

Due to its design with vertical zip the system HELICOAT® can be installed at any time during tank operation, without the need to dismantle the level measurement equipment.

IMHOF, Guide Pole Seal HELICOAT®


Roof leg Seals type IM-RDS

Not only the rim gap and the guide pole of the floating roof are sources of emission, but the roof legs also account for minor emission.

IMHOF Tanktechnik, Roof Leg Seals Type IM-RDS The roof leg seal, IM-RDS, is made from a highly weather resistant and antistatic rubber membrane, reinforced with fabric. The socks cover the top of the roof legs and are fixed to the legs by using stainless steel clamps.


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