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Rainwater Drainage Systems for Inner Tanks Walls

No water penetration into refined products

For more than 30 years, IMHOF successfully supplied water absorbing secondary seals and tertiary seals for tanks storing refined ("white") products.

The video shows the functionality of the water-absorbent IMHOF secondary and tertiary seals.

Tests carried out at our customer’s tank farms have demonstrated that our special water-absorbing sealing elements separate rainwater films from the tank walls 50 to 100 times better than standard secondary seals and compression plate seals.

Function of rainwater drainage from tank walls:

Rainwater removal from inner tank walls

When using a non-absorbing sealing element (e.g. a rubber profile), rainwater will collect in thin grooves on top of the sealing element, and will penetrate into the storage product through small leaks or vertical weld seams. Nearly all rainwater running down the inner tank wall will penetrate into the storage product.

Apart from rainwater entering the periphery seal, some rainwater will penetrate into the storage product via the guide poles. We offer special guide pole seals IM-PRS and complete guide pole covers HELICOAT® in order to avoid the penetration of rainwater in this area.

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