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Internal Floating Roofs

Internal Floating Roof Type VARIOFLOAT®

Imhof Tanktechnik - Horizontal Cut throug internal floating Roof type Typ VARIOFLOAT®

Imhof - Internal Floating Roof Type VARIOFLOAT®  Periphery float
 with Periphery Seal 
 Type IM-IGHS2 

The supply of the floating roof cover is made ready for installation, including periphery seal type IM-IGHS2 and including all bolting. The main component of the covers are:

  • Floaters at periphery and center in stainless steel
  • Cover sheets in stainless steel or aluminium
  • All other metal parts in stainless steel

IMHOF Tanktechnik - Internal Floating Roof VARIOFLOAT® IMHOF Tanktechnik - Guide Pole of Internal Floating Roof VARIOFLOAT®
 Guide Pole Seal 
IMHOF Tanktechnik - Man hole of Internal Floating Roof Type VARIOFLOAT®
 Man hole 
 Internal Floating Roof Type VARIOFLOAT® 


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