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The advantages of Floating Roof Technology

90 years of Floating Roof Technology

Imhof Storage Tank Technology, Floating Roof Tank Since its first application 90 years ago till today, it is still the most efficient and economic solution for reducing emission and product losses, and reducing the possibility of fire and explosion in above ground storage tanks for highly volatile organic liquids.

Initiated and promoted by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and developed and materialised by American tank builders, the vertical flat bottom steel tank with floating roof was introduced to the petrochemical industry as the best and safest option for tank storage for highly volatile products.

Also, under the light of today's increased needs for plant safety and environmental protection, the floating roof technology is your first choice when storing highly volatile, burnable, environmentally hazardous and toxic hydrocarbon liquids.

The essential requirement for this technology is a solid floating roof and a high quality sealing system at the periphery of the floating roof and at all penetrations through the floating roof.

The advantages of floating roofs:

  • Flexible use of storage capacity
  • Protection against fire, explosion and implosion risks
  • Minimised emission and best ecological results
  • Most economical solution
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